Entry limits:

The number of entered dogs (not including DIW) that will be accepted to compete at the 2022 USMRA National Championship will be:

  • Level 1: 24

  • Level 2: 14

  • Level 3: 14

Requirement to enter:

A minimum of one qualifying Mondioring score, achieved by the entered dog in the level entered, is required to enter the National Championship. In the event of a higher number of entries than the number of dogs that can be judged per level, dogs will be ordered according to the Selection Criteria below, cutting off the list at the number of allowed entries.

Selection Criteria**:

Dogs with two passing scores in the level they are entering, earned during the qualification period (4/9/21 through 2/8/22) will be given first priority. They will be ordered by their highest average of two scores during the qualification period, from highest to lowest. Then dogs with one passing score during the qualification period will be added to the list, in the order of their scores from highest to lowest. Then, if space allows, entries from those that have two passing scores in the level entered from any time period will be added, followed by one passing Mondioring score in that level from any time period.

**Only if we get more applicants than the capacity, will the selection criteria come into effect.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Open Field

Start Time is 8 AM -  sign up in advance



Members Meeting 

5-6 PM at Total Turf, on the Open Field 
Open to USMRA members only 

Level 1 Draw
        Will occur at conclusion of members meeting

Carolina Blue Restaurant
     -  tickets must have been purchased in advance.


Friday, April 8, 2022

Level 1 Competition

   Public Event Start Time is 8 AM 

 8 AM

           Competitors (all levels) - DEADLINE FOR ALL SCOREBOOKS TO BE TURNED IN 

 8 AM (Official Event Start Time)

            Level 1 Dog in White

            Level 1 Teams (16 entered)

After Conclusion of Level 1 competition

           Competitors (Level 3) - Order Drawing 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Level 3 Competition

   Public Event Start Time is  9 AM PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN TIME


   8 AM (Official Event Start Time)

            Level 3 Dog in White

            Level 3 Teams (7 entered) 

After Conclusion of Level 3 competition

           Competitors (Level 2) - Order Drawing 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Level 2 Competition & Awards Ceremony

   Public Event Start Time is  8 AM

8 AM (Official Event Start Time)

            Level 2 Dog in White

            Level 2 Teams ( 12 entered)

 After the Level 2 Competition

           Sunday/Final Prize Ticket Drawings (ticket holders must be present to win)

           Awards Ceremony (and scorebooks returned)